Minimalist Eating?

I’ve decided to experiment with a minimalist approach to eating. This sudden idea might be due to the tightening of my purse strings *wink*wink*. Right now I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian, which means I do no eat meat but I do eat eggs and dairy products. Since money is so tight I usually always buy the cheapest food I can, but I think I should try focusing on spending the same but buying better and eating less. I should buy the cage-free organic eggs even though they are a dozen for $3.50 compared to the 18 regular for $2. I should look for hormone free yogurt and consume almond milk. It’ll be better for me, the environment, and animals. The way I eat is blocked as usually a 5 hour eating window and 19 hour fasting window. It might sound awful lol but it isn’t. I work in the morning and that is usually my busy time. I eat between 3pm-8pm. This allows me a late lunch or a snack and then a nice dinner ( and let’s be honest, probably another snack after that). It’s easy and simple and since I am eating less (but enough!) I can afford to buy healthier products since they will last. This is new to me but I am really interested in it and will definitely update with any benefits or side effects.


2 thoughts on “Minimalist Eating?

  1. What a great experiment. Quality over quantity right? It be interesting to see how it goes partly because when it comes to food, it is so engrained and critical to our survival limiting it consciously can be a momentous endeavour. Good luck 🙂

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