The Fire is Lit

The one way to get rid of a lot of possessions and head towards minimalism? Move across the country. I’m heading home soon, back to PA from UT, so the decluttering fire is definitely lit under my butt. I’m moving in December and am flying so I have four months to whittle my belongings down to two suitcases and a few boxes to be shipped. I’ve started going through my things and it’s crazy how much I am attached to material things. Books seem to be the hardest to let go, even though I only re-read a select few. I filled one large USPS flat rate box with my favorites and that’s all I’m keeping. I need to remember that libraries exist and I don’t need to own them. While trying to figure out which books to keep I realized that I keep books for the wrong reason. A lot of the ones I keep are for appearance sake. I like to be the type of person with great literature on their bookshelves, but it really doesn’t mean anything. If I won’t revisit the book then I should pass it along. It’s tough to face your materialistic side if you didn’t think you had much of one.


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